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Lagai Khai App Download Latest Version 1.1.8

Lagai Khai App Download
Lagai Khai App Download Latest Version 1.1.8
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For the first time ever, sports fans can experience incredible thrills of betting on various ongoing matches and events. Lagai Khai is a gaming experience as original as anyone has seen before. Lagai Khai offers its users in virtual betting (satta) option on Sports Tournaments for the first time ever in india. So Lagai Khai App Download and betting the game and win money. Lagai Khai is a legal betting platform. Lagai Khai is a platform which provides latest updates to its viewers with an added thrill of virtual betting. For the first time ever, sports fans can experience incredible thrills of trading on mobile for free and no real losses guaranteed.

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So you can find Lagai Khai app so you are landing right website for Lagai Khai App Download. LLagai Khai like an app that used to you check and spy on someone’s accounts in 2018. Recently I shared Whatsapp Sniffer Spy Tool

About Lagai Khai App

Lagai Khai App is a legal online betting app so you can be betting on any cricket match without any risk and win money also. lagai Khai app payment method is very easy because this app accepted PAYTM money transfer. and betting start rupees 100rs to no limit. so you can Lagai Khai App Download so read this article carefully. Lagai Khai app is available on Android and Ios.

Lagai Khai App Download

Details of Lagai Khai App

App NameLagai Khai
Size6.9 MB
Operating SystemAndroid 4.0+
Feature All

Feature of Lagai Khai 

  • Virtual Betting
  • Push Notification
  • Match Score and Updates
  • Track your progress & history
  • Single click match & tournament odds
  • Info about upcoming matches & tournaments
  • Latest news & happenings in the world of sports from around
  • Results of recently completed matches incase you missed a match.

How to Play Lagai Khai

  • Sign in and create Username & Password, you will need an email address for this.

Back & Lay

Back* the blue color box visible in each market odds is represents the bet on the winning of the team mentioned horizontally at the same level.  Back*- Lagai

Lay* the pink color box visible in each market odds represents the bet on the losing team mentioned horizontally at the same level, i.e winning of the other team.  Lay*- Khai

Lagai Khai App Download

What’s New In Lagai Khai Tip

  • Tiping Rooms.
  • Pro League.
  • In Play Notifications Added.
  • punting experience like never before.
  • Advanced Commentary now with Voice.

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